Winter Gardening and Tips

Winter Garden Tidy Up

The growing season is over now, so many of your shrubs can be cut back and edging of beds and borders can be done to smarten up your garden.
Be careful to prune the shrubs properly as you dont want them to die over the winter especially if we get a very cold one again.
Be sure to keep leaves off your lawns, contary to popular belief leaves are not good on your lawn but on beds they are ok.

Moss in Grass

Make sure to treat the moss now in your lawns as it will only worsen over the winter months. Spreading sulphate of iron will kill off the moss, it will then turn black and take between 2-3 weeks for it to be fully killed off.

Next spring it can be done again to improve the success rate further and the dead moss should be scarified out as dead moss is a breading ground for new moss to grow.
The lawn would then need a good fertiliser to help it grow and recover well.


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